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R14 – R17 X – Reach Trucks Redefined

More Productivity in the Warehouse
R14 – R17 X HD Reach Trucks in the High Rack Warehouse

Expensive logistics spaces and increasingly shorter delivery times pose a particular challenge for warehouse operators in retail, third-party logistics and parts logistics. In order to increase the throughput of goods, it is essential to create capacity in the form of narrow racking aisles and higher shelf levels. The reach trucks in the X range from Linde Material Handling feature a unique truck concept making them specially designed for these exact requirements. Their design makes them a particularly productive alternative to conventional reach trucks.

The R14 – R17 X trucks have a particularly compact chassis with a short wheelbase, making them very easy to maneuver around narrow aisles. The wide mast frame and narrow mast profile improve the operator’s field of vision, ensuring that they have a good view of the load and their surroundings at all times. The booster cylinder reduces mast deflection and allows for precise and fast storage and retrieval at high lifting heights. One key advantage of the design lies in the horizontal displacement. In the X range, the movement takes place via the fork carriage rather than the mast. This makes the horizontal displacement 70 percent shorter than with conventional reach trucks. The R14 – R17 X reach trucks therefore offer the ideal solution for warehouse applications that require a fast pace in narrow aisles and at high lifting heights.

Wide Range of Potential Applications

Still from the video on R14 – R17 X reach trucks in operation in cool storage at Culina

Quick Loading of Fresh Goods

Warehouses for fresh goods are usually tightly packed. Plus, due to the sensitive nature of the goods, they have to be loaded quickly and safely. This case study shows the R14 – R17 X reach trucks in operation in a high rack warehouse for refrigerated food and drinks in the UK. Due to their maneuverability, stability when lifting and excellent visibility through the mast, the trucks are ideal for use in this environment. The equipment ensures that the loads are stored and retrieved quickly and reliably up to a height of ten meters.

Still from the video on R14 – R17 X reach trucks in operation in mobile shelving system for tires at Formel D

A Glimpse into the Tire Warehouse

Two 10,000 m² warehouses, 22,000 pallet spaces and innumerable car wheels: In this sliding storage system in Germany, having a good overall view of the warehouse is essential to ensuring the quick and safe storage and retrieval of wheels and tires. The Linde reach trucks come into their own when it comes to all-round visibility. The optional camera system provides the operator with excellent visibility of what’s above them, allowing them to scan all the pallet spaces via the camera’s monitor. This increases productivity, reduces the number of errors and guarantees safety, even when working with high lifting heights.

The R14 – R17 X Reach Trucks Order Picking

Expert Order Picking

While picking goods in the warehouse, drivers have to do a lot of maneuvering, while also carefully navigating the narrow aisles. This is one way in which the specially designed R14 – R17 X reach trucks outperform conventional reach trucks. Thanks to the minimal horizontal displacement and short wheel arms, they offer maximum maneuverability. The excellent all-round visibility offered by the narrow mast profile, combined with minimal mast deflection, ensure a high degree of safety when stacking and retrieving goods.

The R14 – R17 X Reach Trucks in Block Storage

Efficient Block Storage

When it comes to block storage, space is in short supply. In this environment, the short wheel arms and low horizontal displacement of the X-range reach trucks are extremely helpful. In contrast to more conventional reach trucks, the X range trucks only move using the fork carriage rather than the mast. This makes driving and lifting maneuvers easier and more efficient. In addition, thanks to the low level of mast deflection, pallets can be stacked and retrieved with the utmost precision, even at high lifting heights. The trucks therefore increase performance, capacity and efficiency when handling goods packed on pallets.

The Perfect Model for Every Requirement

The innovative battery positioning under the operator’s workstation makes it possible to use batteries with a higher capacity and longer service life. This means users can choose the right chassis/battery combination for their exact requirements.Compact: The R14 X is designed for use in narrow aisles. The low chassis makes stepping in and out of this truck much easier. The high chassis of the R14 X HIGH, along with the short wheelbase, allows for a greater battery capacity and higher seat position.Agile:With its compact 690 Ah battery, the R16 X is especially agile and can carry loads of up to 1,600 kg.Powerful:The R17 X and R17 X HD models have a long wheelbase and a particularly high-performance battery with a capacity of up to 1,000 Ah. These trucks combine top performance with top lifting heights.

You can find the technical data on the product pagehere.

The three core model variants of the X range are as follows: R14 X/R14 X HIGH, R16 X and R17 X/R17 X HD

The Truck Concept in Detail

This diagram shows the booster function of the R14 – R17 X reach trucks compared to a mast without booster function.

Unique Mast Concept

The mast on the R14 – R17 X reach trucks is designed to meet the exact requirements of high rack warehouses. When working with high lifting heights, normally even minor vibrations cause major oscillations in the fully extended mast. The booster cylinders in the R14 – R17 X reach trucks reduce the mast deflection by up to 40 percent. This allows for vertical storage and retrieval at great height. The wide mast, which is screwed directly into the chassis, is extremely warp-resistant and therefore prevents swinging.

The diagram shows the all-round visibility of the Linde X range offered by the special mast design

Optimized Visibility

The particularly wide mast frame and the narrow mast profile provide the driver with the best visibility of the load and their surroundings. The optional armored glass roof protects the driver from falling objects and offers an unobstructed view of the load. This not only increases safety but also makes handling even more efficient.

Click here to discover the optimized visibility of the R14 – R17 X

The animation shows the shorter horizontal displacement in the R14 – R17 X reach trucks compared to the mast movements in conventional reach trucks.

Shorter Horizontal Displacement

The shortened horizontal displacement ensures greater efficiency and productivity. At 170 mm, it is around 70 percent shorter than in conventional masts. This is made possible by the fact that, with the R14 – R17 X reach trucks, it uses just the fork carriage that moves, rather than the whole mast.

Image from the video animation showing the excellent visibility from the operator’s cab of the X range reach truck

Ergonomic Work Environment

The positioning of the battery under the seat in the X range allows for an operator’s cab that is twice the size of those in standard trucks. Operators can work without becoming fatigued thanks to the adjustable seats and armrests, a compact steering wheel integrated into the left armrest, as well as joysticks for hydraulic control in the right-hand armrest. In addition, the higher seat position gives the driver better visibility. The height of the display can also be adjusted.

Battery Replacement in the R14 – R17 X Reach Trucks

Easy Battery Replacement

Thanks to the easy access to the battery compartment, replacing the battery in the R14 – R17 X reach trucks is quick and simple. All that is required is a pallet truck in order for employees to be able to replace the battery themselves. For additional safety, a lifting carriage locking plate is used to secure the fork carriage. A battery stand is available as an optional extra.


R14 – R17 X Reach Trucks in the Warehouse

Equipped for all Hazards

At Linde, safety is the top priority. For forklifts intended for use in high rack warehouses, where heavy loads are transported at high lifting heights, extra safety measures are vital. With the R14 – R17 X reach trucks, the wide mast and narrow profile provide the driver with a larger field of vision. The raised seat position also contributes to better visibility. On top of this, the optional armored glass roof protects the driver from falling loads, without obstructing their view. To ensure safe handling on sloped surfaces, an automatic parking brake stops the truck as soon as the driver takes their foot off the pedal. In addition, the hill hold control prevents the truck from rolling away when doing a hill start.

Special Equipment

X Range Armored Glass Roof

Armored Glass Roof

A robust armored glass roof protects the driver from falling objects and offers an excellent view of the loads. This allows for quick storage and retrieval.

X Range Raised Overhead Guard

Raised Overhead Guard

A raised overhead guard with an extra 175 mm in height is ideal for taller forklift operators. The raised guard not only makes getting in and out of the cab easier, but also increases the field of vision of the operator.

X Range 10° Rotating Seat

10° Rotating Seat

There is an optional seat available for the R17 X and R17 X HD reach trucks, which rotates by 10° towards the window on the mast side. This gives the operator better visibility and puts less strain on the back and neck.

X Range Backrest Extension

Backrest Extension

The extendable backrest allows the seat to be tailored to the needs of taller operators.

X Range Single Pedal and 360° Steering

Single Pedal and 360° Steering

If required, the dual pedal system that comes as standard can be replaced with a single pedal. This option facilitates 360° steering for improved maneuverability.

X Range Mast and Chassis Camera

Mast and Chassis Camera

The two-camera system provides the optimum view of the load at all times. When a defined lifting height is exceeded, the view automatically switches from the chassis to the mast.

X Range Fork Centering and Leveling

Fork Centering and Leveling

The side shifter automatically moves the fork to the center position at the push of a button. In addition, for trucks with manual fork tilt, there is the option of an automatic leveling function, which ensures that the forks are always parallel to the ground.

The connect Fleet Management Solution

connect Fleet Management Solution

The Linde connect fleet management system provides access to important truck and planning data, including truck deployment, upcoming service intervals or scheduled driver training. connect increases the levels of safety and utilization, thus making the use of the truck more cost-effective.

The Cold-Store Cabin in the R17 X HD

Cold-Store Cabin

The maintenance of the cooling chain is vital in many sectors, such as the food and pharmaceuticals industry. The special cold-store cabin of the R17 X HD makes the operator’s work pleasant, comfortable and productive throughout the entire shift.

R14 X HL by Linde

Customer-Specific Individualization

Every customer has their own specific requirements, be it reinforced masts for heavy loads, trucks that can withstand extreme temperatures, specific lifting heights, additional safety equipment or visibility requirements. Linde Material Handling offers tailored solutions to suit any requirements. Image: The R14 X HL is based on the R14 X but has a wider chassis and reinforced mast.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Better Visibility

Narrow mast profiles provide a wider field of vision and therefore ensure safe and fast handling.

Stable Mast

Booster cylinders reduce deflection in the mast. This increases stability and turnover.

Higher Productivity

In contrast to conventional reach trucks, the movement is carried out by the fork carriage. The shorter horizontal movement makes handling faster.

More Space

The positioning of the battery underneath the driver’s workstation allows for a more spacious cab.